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Brain-Muscle ReConnection Therapy

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”   —-Gandhi

What is Yours?

Peak performance has different meanings for each individual.  For some it is to climb a mountain, and others it is to run a marathon.  For some, reaching their peak is to spend the d

ay keeping up with their grandkids.  Whatever the goals, Cote Wellness will help you achieve them.

How We Achieve Peak Performance.

Peak performance is to use all that you have to your maximum potential.  So not only using the muscle to perform the task, but using every last fiber. Any muscle of a body is made up of many tiny little muscle fibers that connect together to make a large muscle.  Every tiny muscle spindle needs a nerve to connect electrical input from the brain. The brain directs the order and the muscle responds.  You cant reach your potential if you are not using the entire muscle. 


Bicep muscle has thousandsof little fibers with each getting nerve input from the brain.  Think of the connection of a  plug into the electrical outlet. What if only half the fibers were  plugged in? You would only get half the power.

We Activate any muscle in the body using Rubenstein Method. We “TURN IT ON” by using the brain to communicate through the nerves to the muscle.  We are plugging in maximum number of muscle fibers and thus creating more power.

What to Expect EachSession

Each session can be described as stretch with applied resistance from beginning to end of Range of Motion.  A gentle stretch is applied to the body part and feed back is given to maintain a pain-free stretch. 

Full Body Program  

We systematically go through each muscle group in the body to ensure its proper function in the 8 Zones of calibration.

Stabilization Program = 6-8 sessions

Performance Program = 12-24 sessions